How to give up Sugar

Should I give up natural sugars?

Healthy Vegan vegetarian - I haven’t – but I have cut back on the amount of so called “healthy” sugars  I eat. Honey, maple syrup, agave syrup and fruit are still fructose. Yes, they do have more nutritional value than regular processed sugars (which isn’t hard considering regular sugar has no nutritional value) but it is still fructose – and you shouldn’t eat too much fructose.

How much natural sugar do I have?

Healthy Vegan vegetarian - Good question. I eat blueberries and strawberries regularly and some “high” sugar fruits – like mangos on the occasion. The ice cream we buy has relatively low sugar levels but it’s still sweetened with agave syrup. I am more of a savoury person in general,so I was never one to eat a lot of fruit; even before I started investigating the dangers of sugar.

This week

Start cutting back on honey, maple syrup and agave if you are using them. Try  stevia instead.  Be mindful of the amount of fruit you eat…perhaps consider cutting back and see if you feel a difference? Raspberries, lime, lemon, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and cranberries all have low levels of sugar, try to eat these fruits over high sugar fruits.

Have you cut back on the amount of natural sugar you eat? Do you feel any different?


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